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  • "Very cozy, romantic, stylish. Beautiful environment, fruit and vegetables from own eco-farm, elegant retro cars. Owners themselves live in the estate making sure every visitor feels their own dear guest"
    Alexander, Russia


Tours in and out Szekszárd

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Medina, Szekszárd and the surrounding areas (max. 30km):

The only Serbian minority town hall is located in Medina .You can visit the orthodox church (with the iconostasis).

Spirit(Hungarian palinka) tasting
The Brill spirit brewery is located in Harcon (11 km) .You can gain further knowledge of spirit brewing and get to know the factory.

Embroidery Museum
If you would like to take a cycling tour along the river Sio, it could be a great program to visit Leanyvar in Sioagard (12 km). Local traditional costumes and habits will give you a better understanding of the past time. You can also listen to the presentation of Lady Margaret who established this collection.

Babits memorial house
He was born in Szekszard and kept his relationship with his city throughout his whole life. The house is furnished with authentic furnitures from the early 1800’s - representing his time spent here and his life.

Wine tours
Szekszárd (17 km) is famous for its red wine. There are many small vintages offering the fantastic full bodied red wine, the Kadarka. This is the grape that made Szekszárd so famous.

We offer wine tours to the best 15 regional wineries. You can hire a vintage car with a chauffeur. Want to create your own wine tour? Just tell us where you want to go and when. We will customise your wine tour exactly how you want it. We will recommend lunch at one of our local favourites, and provide you with information about the region and wineries you will be visiting.

Bogár Tanya
Here you can see local buildings presenting the traditional architecture of the region. There is a re-collection of the countryside life. You can see old, forgotten equipments and other interior decoration, farming and the way of life of the 2nd half of the 18th century, through original and authentic objects.

The HALÁSZ CLINIC is within the first ones in Dental Implantology and in full ceramic oral rehabilitation. Guests are coming from more than 34 countries: »

Gingerbread Museum
The Petrits family in Szekszard bakes ginger bread and makes candles since 1828 . The museum is located above the pastry shop.

Adam Nepp leather craftsman
He makes leather belts and horse trappings. You can learn the different techniques and make some presents for yourself.

Mor Wossinszky Museum
Alexander Apponyi, - probably the most famous member of the Apponyi family – supported minister Mor Wossinszky. His main subject was the Avarian history. If you are interested in history you have to see this exhibition.

"Kekfesto" workshop in Tolna
You can see the traditional apparel of the region. We have only 4 operating workshops which are still making “the kekfesto” dress (using blue paint during the process). 20kms by bike or by car.

Leisure centre Gemenc
You will see a fantastic exhibition of the history of the Forest of Gemenc and the effect of the Danube on the every day’s life. You will get to know the different professions and some details on the Danube-Drava Natural Park. (25km).

The world famous Forest of Gemenc (25km) or the surroundings of Tamasi (39km) are the richest areas in Hungary. It will be a pleasure to go for hunting from our castle and return home after a successful day.

Sightseeing flight
You can take part in an organized sightseeing flight from Ocseny (26 km).

Doll Museum
Here you can see the wedding dress of the year (World Champion in 1997) which is the traditional wedding dress in Sarkoz. Decs (29 km) is the “capital” of Sarkoz. You can experience the colorful way of dressing of the 18th-19th century in the Doll Museum.

A bit further away (30-60km)

Thermal baths
Gunaras (53 km), Hőgyész (32 km), Tamási (45 km).

The most important orthodox church in Hungary. The baroque style church with altar screens (iconostasis), the old graves and the fantastic view is a must see. (41 km).

Dinky line Gemenc
You can catch the train from Pörböly(45km) through the forest of Gemenc..If you are lucky, you can meet the inhabitants of this forest!

It’s an ideal and romantic program. Wonderful little lakes, streams and wild forest like in Robin Hood’s times! Váralja (38 km), Óbánya (43 km).

One of the residential archbishop cities in Hungary. Museums, exhibitions. (41 km)

Fortress of Ozorai Pipo
Pipo was an Italian aristocrat, who got this land to honour his martial success. The medieval fortress is still a popular attraction and is located in Ozora (51km).

Medieval Leisure Park
Medieval Hungarian village, knight championships. Bikal (48 km). Perfect to spend a few hours there.

Baja is well known for its fish soup. Take a walk along the bank of Sugovica. (55 km).

Over 60 km away

Pécs (67 km) the cultural capital of Europe in 2010. Plenty of opportunities. Why don't you hire a vintage car for the sightseeing?

One of the biggest theme parks is located near Pecs.