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2x22KW (2db 3x32A), Type2
  • "Everything was super!!!!! Fantastic place - high quality, unique - great staff, fresh and clean sauna, swimming pool and jaguzzi, fabulous restaurant, good food....."
    Ilmo, Finnland

A restaurant witlocal tastes

Wine, wine tours in Szekszárd

Für Gourmands Für Gourmands Für Gourmands

The wine from Szekszárd

Castle Apponyi is the best location to try the regional wine selection. This could be a real wine festival for gourmands! We would like to introduce you to the small, hidden vinyards. They have smaller capacity, but the quality is there. We can organise great wine tasting, blind tasting, the wine makers would tell you the history of their wines and much more. In the basement we have a wine cellar and a wine tresor, which is perfect for wine tasting. If you would like to visit some of the vinyards, you could hire one of our vintage cars and hit the road. Everything can be organized for you from making appointments and transfer to the vinyard and back.

Cuisine of the manor

Imagine the smell of the freshly baked bread straight from the furnace, golden brown and crispy. Our chef will surprise you with different fish and wild meat dishes. There is a biofarm nearby, from where all the fresh and healthy products will be used in our kitchen. The lamb, pork Mangalica, goat and poultries are all organic and processed without any additional preservatives. The real taste of vegetables and fruits accompanied with a touch of the past's flavours and you can enjoy the final result. We will serve the favourite dishes of the Count, but we always think of the vegetarian food lovers as well.

A restaurant with magic mood...and classic luxury cars

The stable was part of the hunting lodge building, including the accomodation of the coachman. We kept the original structure of the building, but instead of the horses we have now five vintage cars (the horsepowers!) from the 1960's. Having dinner right next to these cars is a special experience. The other part of the restaurant is less rustical, the style is rather classic, similar to the castle's. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy it on the terrace under the wine-arbor. Our restaurant is small and friendly, perfect place for a celebration (max. 50 people). You'd like to try our food and wines, just to enjoy it by the open fire warming you from the kitchen. We can provide you with a private dining area as well, it is perfect for max. 25 people, a big long rustic table in the basement of the castle. The furnace built in the 2 meter tall wall, the sound of the sparks of fire bring back the 1800's.