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  • "That was my best experience in Hungary, yet?
    Many thanks to the staff and the owners for beeing able to share something that beautiful."

A charming castle hotel in the heart of Hungary

The castle hotel, which is not literally a hotel!

The Castle The Castle The Castle's pool The Castle's oldtimers

Apponyi Manor as a boutique castle hotel

Medina, the small village in Tolna county is 6km from the M6 highway. The classicist - style manor was built on the edge of the village with a great view of the natural park. The expression "castle hotel" could be a bit misleading: it is rather like being at grandma's with friendly care. A real island of peace on 3 hectares next to River Sio.

Prior to the renovation of our castle hotel we were carefully searching for all the original details in order to preserve the condition of 1840. Our wish was to keep all of the details without compromising. We paid attention even to the last screw. It was worth it! The castle hotel is one of the most authentic manor in Hungary. The owner and his family respect the heritage of the Apponyis, so the history can come to life in the present.

The castle hotel has 6 rooms and one suite, all built in a different style. The peace of the place or the variety of programmes will have an impact on your stay. In our friendly restaurant just next to the glint of the oldtimers you can enjoy the great cuisine and the fantastic local wines. Our rooms are perfect for business-or family/friends' gatherings – let it be the old kitchen or the chapel, they all present you with great memories.

History of the castle hotel

The chapel was built in 1760, – it still can be found in the park- Pusztakápolna was named after a barock church. The only buildings that remained from the old domain are the small castle and the hunting lodge. The area is 1300 m². The castle was built in 1840 and the Apponyi family bought it in 1850. The last inhabitant of the 1200 hectar domain was Dr. Count Rezso Apponyi Nagyapponyi. He was born in 1882 in a small village called Hogyesz. He qualified as an attorney and became a chamberlain for the emperor and the king. He got married to Baroness Franciska Holt in Vienna in 1915. He got promoted to a lord lieutenant by Charles IV in 1917 and the following year he retired and stayed on his domain. The foolish count – as the local people called him – liked horses, hunting and playing cards. He passed away on a night in July, 1939. The castle was nationalised in 1950 and functioning as a primary school until 2002.